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Creating mobile applications with Flutter gives us the unique opportunity to develop beautiful, convenient, and user-oriented applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, web, and Google Fuchsia using one code base -> everything is faster and better priced and better... working

The applications we create?

The MedicFrame applications stand out with great user design, stability, speed, stability, integrity, and scalability

User design

We create the user interface for apps, together with the future users - the patients. This way we can be sure of the concept, everyday use, and benefits.

Secure and stable

Like the pioneers who created the first health ecosystem, we know that the security of personal health records is a top priority. We give this special attention and make no comprise.

Fast production

Apart from integrity, speed and stability are the other factors and goals we strive for when creating a project for a mobile application no matter its end-user, function, or focus it has.

We create applications with a high satisfaction rate

For us to be relevant and sought after, we must identify the needs of the people who will use our products and services - mainly patients with chronic conditions. We always follow this rule along with a few steps:

  • We describe and identify the idea
  • We create a basic design
  • We assess the possible scalability
  • We create a prototype and start testing
  • We create user groups for beta tests
  • We fix, change, test again, and put in a real environment

Specific or mass use - depending on the target

Often the idea for ​​a mobile application scales from a specific need to the general public with differences in the details. Possible integrations with other mobile applications, desktop-based software, IoT devices turn our applications into platforms with which users continue their development in personal, business, or social activities

UI -- user interface &
UX - user experience

Adequate UI & UX development from MedicFrame always uses a user-oriented approach. We created a diagram of the screens in advance and the way they will be organized. This will allow you to decide if everything is designed the way you want. This sets us apart from other UI / UX service providers.

Therapy adherence
Project Vit@min

Application for patients with chronic diseases and their doctors, known as Patient Compliance

Created by patients for patients

We believe that only those who face daily obstacles and difficulties in receiving their therapy and treatment, know best what they need.

Data protection

The information is stored where it is  
generated. In fact, your mobile device, which also serves for your current payments.

Flexible and scalable

The application is designed in a way that at any time could be adapted to the needs and specifics of various chronic diseases.

Track your treatment the right way - in real-time and with all the details

The application reminds about the forthcoming intake of medicine in a way the patient has defined. Moreover, the app provides additional information about food needs, advised diet plans, possible interaction with another medicine, or avoidance of certain foods/drinks.

  • Complete patient record according to standards
  • Information from external applications summarized in one
  • Graphic and convenient visualization for better compliance
  • Import of external files (protocols, epicrisis, etc.)

Your personal assistant, everywhere with you

The individual personal profile is available for both the patient and the doctor to monitor the condition's progress. This includes the therapeutic response and possible need to modify the treatment or diet plan through a personalized approach and transparency.

  • Possible intervention by a professional in case of an inconsistent therapy
  • Reminders for upcoming important health events
  • Assistance when logging the therapy details
  • Feature designed to spot health risks
Monitor therapy adherence

Delicate notification system and the ability to modify as needed, graphical tracking, indication of reception without touching the mobile device

Upcoming events

You've booked an appointment, consultation, etc, through one of the popular applications, Vit@min knows this and reminds you about it

National standartized

Maintains an up-to-date nomenclature of medications, diagnoses, procedures, specialists, medical institutions

External files

Have you ever been treated in a medical institution with low information training or abroad? The application allows you to add external scanned files


One of the main and key functionalities is the integration option. The architecture of the application is the creation so that it can be a single portal for other widespread Bulgarian mobile applications (including external ones - Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, and others), as well as hospital information systems. Virtually all health information of each patient is combined in one place, with access only by its real owner.

Achieving multiple key goals

The idea for the creation of the Vit@min application was born from the desire to support the patient throughout their condition and treatment.

Raises awareness raising

Better control

Submit feedback

A better understanding of needs

Fewer future examinations

Better results after treatment

Creating patient networks

Faster recovery

Faster recovery