The story of everything that's happened by now

This happened after years of professional development, problems in the healthcare system, and an ideologist's dreams based on the slogan "Think globally, act locally", as well as a software engineer, who knows well that a professional is a person who takes over their problems and doesn't let them rule over. The first step for the founders was to prove that good ideas and brave dreams come to life. This meant MedicFrame.This "About us" section wouldn't exist without the help of other dreamers who aren't afraid to act. People who want to improve the world, the place they live and work at. That's how in 2017 the missing figure joined the pursuit of a complete ecosystem of software applications and tools in healthcare (which to this day continues to be one of its kind globally). A professional with a precise goal for a better future, with a 10-year experience in the management of medical centers, knowledgeable on Hippocrates and his belief.
Next - it was time for a change...

MedicFrame is here

The first steps are present.
The solution - start developing the most user-friendly and integrated system for hospitals, primary care, and laboratories


We made sure to integrate lab analyzers, medical IoT, and mHealth devices. The results from the automation of vital indicators were part of the integration of MedicFrame.

DHI Cluster founding

We are proud to be one of the few founders of the Bulgarian cluster for digital solutions and innovations in healthcare. Partners with one goal.

ISO 9001 & ISO 27001

Another achievement, not development focused but still essential - MedicFrame is certified with ISO27001 & ISO9001

Trakia hospitals and outpatient clinics

Hooray! We are proud that with the help of our colleagues, in just 2 years, we created innovative instruments for the structures of 3 different locations of Trakia hospitals

National Hematology

We dug deep and reached the details. Now we know the specifics of oncohematology. Loads of know-how was gained and used to the best of our ability. The only thing left to do was to eliminate the many repetitive processes. Then describe, visualize and build. We began the process of complete digitalization. After a lot of hard work, it happened, and it was worth it!

And because we love a challenge...

We were honored to improve the life of a couple of healthcare managers without even visiting them in person. That's what we call the power of development through digitalization. Working with Web-based technologies from the present, ready to meet tomorrow's needs - these were the dreams that MedicFrame brought to life.

Well-deserved feedback

Coincidence or not, our success with the hematology project received a lot of attention and feedback. We give our most special thanks to 'Capital' magazine and Ass. Prof. Spasov from the Hematology specialized hospital, for the amazing review of our work on the digitalization of University Hematology Hospital Sofia. We proved that "Where there is a will, there is a way".

Link to "Capital" magazine
2022, 2023, 2024...2030...2040.....∞

We move forward with even more ideas, passion for development, more and more knowledge, skills, and motivation....
Because we are MedicFrame.

Let us introduce ourselves

Throughout the process of creating MedicFrame, we kept thinking: "This can't be true"... well, it is! We realized that without the help of people from all different areas of healthcare, things wouldn't be possible. In the process of building this project, we received irreplaceable help from people with various background skills and knowledge. This platform wouldn't be possible without them.

Genoveva Georgieva
Senior Developer
Miroslav Yordanov
Senior Developer
Stilyan Kolarov
Dobromir Krastev
Many thanks to...

We express our immense gratitude to all our friends, medical professionals, clinical centers' representatives, and all the partners and consultants that we've worked and continue to work with. We are grateful to all the people that stayed with us throughout the whole journey. Together we made success possible!

Dr. Consultant
Hospital processes and Labs
Dr. Consultant
Hospital processes
Dr. Consultant
Dr. Consultant; Hospital regulations, National Framework Agreement
Mrs. Administration
Laws, Standards, National Health Insurance Fund
Mr. Business
Business procedures, Laws, Protocols
Mr. Healthcare Business
Legal details, Procedures, Control

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