We analyze, design, build innovative, effective and social
e-Health projects.

The idea can be ingenious, promising, improved or just crazy. It all depends on whether it makes sense, benefits and at what price, of course, after its construction.

The idea

Every new project is like starting a new business. Together with the client we discuss the ultimate goal, demonstrate the platform created by us, discuss its changes and the time for implementation

The details

Together we collect and review the details of the idea. Again, we outline the innovations for development, the steps to reach the goal, the priorities and the time needed. We create a blueprint document that we follow.

The development

Project Owner(s) are allocated. The documentation is followed and after each step, we move on to alpha testing. After it has been successfully confirmed by defined beta testers - the users, we start the project.

Expertise and Know-How

Even before the creation of MedicFrame , its founders and partners accumulated many realized ideas and projects. They received an evaluation for innovation in the top 3 between Merck & Boeing, as well as product development solutions. After the construction of several projects related to e-Health and digital transformation, the accumulated ideas and know-how for their successful implementation and development in the direction of science and innovation, we have prepared the necessary human and technical resources.

Years of accumulated expertise in various fields, expressed in figures

3+ years

Process analysis and optimization

1+ years

Digital healthcare project management

3+ years

Web Software Architecture & Development
  • Detailed examination of each detail involved in the structure and organization
  • Accurate description of the analysis. Reconsideration of the validation document
  • Creating an optimization model. Testing with real scenarios, outside a real environment/li>
  • Creating an ROI model for pros and cons after optimization and its tracking
  • Business and technical plan. Defining methodology while implementing analysis
  • Roles, responsibilities, defining job tracking steps, and reporting
  • Preparation of technical construction for current and future needs
  • Daily tracking. Prepared for changes based on scenarios
  • Preparation for the relevant staff for each stage. Tests, updates, checks
  • Defining dev teams and acquainting them with the stages, training the processes
  • Monitoring and discussion of technical development and compliance with instructions
  • Alpha tests, bug fixing, compliance with rules for changes

2+ years

APIs development, Drivers & IoT integration

1+ years

Image & Video recognition

3+ years

Database Архитектури и
Big Data
  • Creating scenarios to prevent significant changes in data exchange
  • Documenting security models, creating options in critical situations
  • Constant monitoring for the correct movement of data. Foolproof
  • Creating of backup version, archives, synchronizations for prevention.
  • A detailed description of the goals, the way to achieve them, business and financial pros and cons
  • Hardware and other technical preparation for the smooth and trouble-free development of the assignment
  • Description of the completed stages and obstacles encountered. Validation of the upcoming ones
  • Introduction and implementation of standards for data exchange depending on the integration
  • Preparation of a proper database for the respective purposes. Settings and continued test
  • Building architecture and structure for storage, security, exchange, and consolidation
  • Defining tables and fields when entering, creating models for export and consolidation
  • Preparation of types, sequence, values, ​​and parameters of algorithms for analysis

Complete and functioning project

Ideology + Expertise + Purpose + Platform + Team = 99% Successful project with clean code.
This is MedicFrame!

You have an idea? - Amazing, let's do it!
A problem exists? - Let's solve it!?
Do you believe in change? - Yes, we create it...