In fact, we created the widest spectrum

software for laboratories

We aren't proud just of quantity - each laboratory is created after many hours of analysis in a realistic work environment.


Scalability, speed, optionality, procedures, data mappings, standards, integrations, management, ticketing, predictability, templates, innovation! All this collected in the LIS by MedicFrame receives an additional level of support, which has no established alternative so far in Bulgaria with its speed, accuracy, and adequacy.

Clinical laboratory

Manipulations, connections with analysts, standards, personal configurations


Standards, relations, methods, nomenclatures of antigens and allergens


Standards and redefinition, flow antibodies, IHH antibodies, ISH probes


Staging, Medical-diagnostic activity and type connections, organ localization, paraffin, glasses

Genetic laboratory

Genes, markers, mutations, cytogenetics, panels, standards

Transfusion laborator

Blood types, phenotypes, antigens, statuses, methods, compatibility

Blood bank

Requests for organic products, storage, expeditions, transfusion


Bacteria, antibiotics, pathogens, microbial numbers, relations


Interrelations of Medical-diagnostic activity and tests, methods, biomaterials, antibodies


Biological materials, results, therapies, Papanicolaou, Bethesda system

Nuclear Laboratory

Radiation, markers, image attachment, specific consumables


Capillary, cellogels, biochemical methods, pathology identifications

Seminological laboratory

Typing of semen analysis, quantitative and qualitative indicators

Medical imaging

Integrations with equipment, attachment of external files, films, radiation


Patient planning and materials, management of "Waiting patients"

About the laboratories of MedicFrame

The MedicFrame Laboratory Information System is part of the hospital information system, but practically it has the ability to function independently.

In order to function by itself, it has to meet the needs of the independent laboratories. We made sure to cover the specifics to the smallest detail possible, regardless of their functionality being part of the medical activity of the lab or its financial reporting. There is no other laboratory system that contains a set of functionalities, predefined fields, templates, or selection of a drop-down menu option in this volume such asMedicFrame's.

  • Extremely fast integration with analyzers via ISTM
  • Extensive Barcode system for all laboratory needs
  • A comprehensive understanding from a glance at a summary journal
  • Made with predefined individuality in mind
  • Internal and external (National Health Insurance Fund, Ministry of Health, Funds, Regional Health Inspectorate) accountability
  • The fastest and easiest to scale software on the market
Reduction of lost time in laboratories by
Inquiry possibilities increased by
Inquiry possibilities increased by
Results time reduced by
Cost reduction up to
Reduced time for a new analyzer by

3 studies

and increase on a daily basis

1+ different laboratories

with the option to create research templates

0+ models of report & analysis

dynamnic not static

3 connected lab analyzers

each following up to 24 hours

The process to its completion

For us to create the right processes in software, we need to know them. That's why MedicFrame created a lab system with the help of people working in labs who participated in the entire process.


Research templates and set criteria, defining time and date for a result, determining the recipient


Automatic start of the analyzer processing process, indication of the applicant for accepting an application

Validation and Readiness

Readiness in percentages, visibility of a result after validation, signing of a validated result in the system

Individual and integrable

The Laboratory Information System from MedicFrame is fully integrated with external software and hardware and can be upgraded according to the needs and requirements of users. For the laboratory to be fully functional, it is:

Registry and pay desk functionality

Book appointments. Generate inquiries. Various options for payment. Reports

Storage management functionality

Storage. Availability. Requests. Deliveries. Transfers. Expenses. Tracking. References

Ability for external, 3rd party integration

Open for integrations with accounting software, different hospital systems


Different models for explorations, modeling, defining the reference values

Simple pricing!

You get full functionality and the price is based only on users

To 10 users

BGN 26 /monthly
  • For user

To 20 users

BGN 24 /monthly
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To 50 users

BGN 22 /monthly
  • For user

To 100 users

BGN 20 /monthly
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Over 100 users

BGN 18 /monthly
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