Excellence in the implementation of

is our speciality

We created e-Health platform that electronifies and automates the process for all primary healthcare, hospitals, laboratories, and patients. Like no others. We say 'goodbye' to everything that stopped the integration and communication for all applications in healthcare.

What we DON'T create, is just the next software for hospitals, primary care, labs, and patients. We DON'T control your activities. We simply provide the correct instruments at your disposal,
and we do it with pleasure!

MedicFrame helps you adjust your lifestyle by providing the information you need instantly. It's time to shift the focus from administration to medicine. Transparency is no longer taboo.

MedicFrame is intuitive

MedicFrame gives an instant sense of integrity, logic, and action. The visual presence and easy access to all the necessary information are becoming more present. The platform is easy to use for both skilled users and ones with little or no experience.

Fast and integrated software like no other

MedicFrame is inspired by leading world vendors of web-based applications that focus on the management of data, processes, user needs and requests, communication with devices and machines in real-time from every corner of the world, without any effect on production. 

  • Get any information in just a few clicks
  • We speak the language of analysts, devices, and IoT
  • We perform software operations in milliseconds

Modern and creative design.

Simple and clean interface. From the beginning, the idea of a busy user interface was out of the question. No matter the additions that occur almost daily, MedicFrame stays minimalistic in its design decisions. 

  • Created based on world-known user methods
  • Aligned with other day-to-day applications
  • No hesitation when choosing the correct option

There for the user 24 / 7

Making an outstanding product is not that simple, but you can learn and do it. Providing outstanding support in the functionality of that product, now that is hard.

  • 24/7 support for every functionality
  • Videochat & the option to share files or screen 
  • The average time for edits and solutions to any problem is between 5 and 30 minutes for 90% of our cases. 

Medical centers -
hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums

Primary healthcare -
outpatient clinics, medical centers, private clinicians

Laboratories -
we support over 15 types of labs and numerous analyzers

Mobile apps -
for patients, doctors, deliveries, pharmacies, laboratories

IoT devices -
for hospitals, doctors, remote monitoring and preventionя

e-Health -
build from the group up, we simply make things work