Fully web-based software designed for the management of medical centers

This isn't a tool to keep track of just financial traceability or reports to the National health insurance fund and other institutions. MedicFrame is a hospital software MedicFrame - created by medical professionals for everyone in the healthcare system.

For management

We created a tool for the management of medical centers - to help secure the correct decision-making based on data generated in real-time

For doctors and lab assistants

We created a tool for doctors and specialists so they can have more time with patients, reduce administration work, publications, and articles to just a few clicks

For nurses

We created a tool for nurses, so they no longer need to perform secretary tasks but focus entirely on the treatment of patients

Full management of Multidisciplinary hospitals for active treatment, Specialized hospitals for active treatment (oncology and hematology), Hospices, and Oncology complex centers, no matter the location or the device

Hospital Information SystemMedicFrame is a unified tool designed for the management of every single aspect of every kind of medical center


Registry and pay desk

Planning, requests, payments, invoices, reports, cash registers

How does the MedicFrame Hospital System work?

MedicFrameis the fastest and most intuitive medical software ever made in Bulgaria


Using popular user interfaces, MedicFrame has become the most intuitive health software tool in Bulgaria. Fully role-based access with no unnecessary screens, menus, buttons.


There is no other health information system with an average time of less than a second in performing operations. There is no other system that processes and visualizes reports as well as analyzes at the speed of MedicFrame.


Extremely fast and easy-to-use interface, stable, secure, mobile, regulatory and legal compliance, control over-reporting of performed activities in hospital and pre-hospital activities, laboratories, registries.

Patients and their feedback

Whether it's a private, municipal, or state medical institution, the focus is one, and that's the care for the patient. Including his satisfaction with the provided support, because of this MedicFrame gives:

  • Proven expertise
  • Optimized patient path
  • Less paper and more e-details

Financial results and development

Often, when a hospital is trying to provide the best care possible it starts overspending which leads to financial problems. WithMedicFrame you:

  • Control eligible costs per unit patient
  • Know the details regarding the total costs in advance
  • Forecast and plan future financial flows

MedicFrame - more & more

In addition to full transparency, but also control at each level - accountability to institutions, tangible and intangible costs, treatment of patients in health care.

Control of NHIF, RHI and Ministry of Health's reporting
Better deliveries and storage
Less losses and more profit
Much less bureaucracy
How can I explore the system and its capabilities in more details?
What would the implementation process be like, and how long would it take?
Can I make changes depending on our organization and the requirements we have?
Can I count on support when needed?

Simple pricing!

You get full functionality and the price is based only on users

To 10 users

BGN 26 /monthly
  • For user

To 20 users

BGN 24 /monthly
  • For user

To 50 users

BGN 22 /monthly
  • For user

To 100 users

BGN 20 /monthly
  • For user

Over 100 users

BGN 18 /monthly
  • For user

All prices are VAT excluded